My name is Ivan Kovalenko. I am a traveler, journalist, writer and blogger from Russia.

I live in the South of Russia on the Crimean Peninsula on the Black sea. By education I am a geographer. I am a member of the Russian geographical society.

Member of the international Federation of journalists and travel writers (FIJET).

Member of the Union of journalists of Russia.

15 years i am a owner and director of my private tour operator company in the Crimea. I organize travel for others and myself like to travel the world.

I have written and published 10 books — guide books about my country and plan to publish a book about India. In India I have travelled many times and lived there for a total of more than 1.5 years.

Now discovered Thailand, Vietnam and in the future other Asian countries.

I hotel and restaurant critic 6 level Tripadvisor, so all the hotels and restaurants that are visited around the world write reviews.